The Need

In a world governed by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA), India's education system has its challenges of scale and size. 220 million children, 6 million teachers, and 1.5 million schools - when we consider these numbers, we automatically think of a system that needs to ensure equal access to quality education for every child. With a number of civil society organizations working to improve education across the country, scaling the impact of systemic transformation, rather than reinventing the wheel is the crucial need of the hour.

Since 2017, EduMentum has been creating an ecosystem that works collectively towards transforming education and foster the importance of Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility (VUCA) among early-stage organizations in the education space. The cohorts of EduMentum have built strong communities of practice, sharing their learning and collaborating on various levels to create sustainable solutions to education reaching the remotest parts of the country.

The Vision

50 organizations | 28 states | 5 years

How do we do this?

For an organization to succeed and push through the fledgling early stages, it must go through three phases -

1. Ideating

2. Testing the Idea with Stakeholders, and

3. Launching the idea into a sustainable program.

Structuring the growth of an early-stage organization mitigates its risk of failing before it launches. Hence, EduMentum has designed its three year incubation to focus on formalizing the idea in the first year, focusing on prototyping this idea on the ground in the second year, and scaling the idea into a program in the third year.

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Our Changemakers

Cohort '22


Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Neev Shikshan Sanstha

Vadodara, Gujarat


Gurugram, Haryana


Tamil Nadu

Gram Urja

Madhya Pradesh

Alag Soch

West Bengal