Cohort '20

Organisation name: Shiksharth Foundation
Geography: Chattisgarh
Founded in: 2016
Website: Shiksharth Foundation
Ashish Srivastav
Vikas Shukla
Shiksharth is operational in Chhattisgarh. The area they work in is a geo – politically challenging area, suffering from decade long armed conflict between Indian state security forces and left-wing extremist commonly known as Naxal Violence While delivery of services are delayed and inaccessible, destruction of property happens, human rights violations are often heard of, it is the children who have been the most vulnerable forcing problems that might exist for generations to come owing to lack of education and resulting in exploitation, health issues, livelihood challenges and poor socio-economic conditions. Through Shiksharth, they are addressing the problem of access to quality education and improving the education status for Naxal affected tribal children. They intend to support the children through their intervention of reopening closed schools and bring back out of school children back to formal education system. Also they are developing contextual pedagogy solutions to make learning relevant and impactful for the children in the region.