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EduMentumX is co-orchestrated by Shikshalokam and Mantra4Change
EduMentumX is a collective of organisations working for catalysing exponential change in education and focuses on enabling and nurturing grassroot organizations working on leadership development in education.

Why EduMentumX?

More than 50% of students in grade 5 cannot read a grade 2 text. Many of the schools fail in their basic mission of teaching.

It takes a system, not just a teacher.

Although effective teaching is essential, achieving the audacious goal of improved student outcomes for every child requires a supportive and aligned system. Education research shows that great schools are led by great leaders. Successful school and systems leaders directly and indirectly promote improvement over time by combining both transformational and instructional leadership strategies.
The direct linkage between leadership practices and student outcomes have been proven Internationally through several researches and studies. However, we have not yet been able to successfully establish ourselves in our Indian Education system setting.

The Indian education landscape has challenges of scale and size. We cater to over 220 million children, 6 million teachers and more than 1.5 million schools. These numbers point to a system that needs to ensure equal quality in education for every child despite the complexity in challenges that the system offers. Through the incubation programme at EduMentum, we have been able to enable 41 grass root organizations who understand the the context of their geography, with the knowledge and resources to lead successful systemic transformation in education impacting over 20,000 schools and 9,18,000 children. Now, through the accelerator program EduMentumX we are aiming to create an ecosystem that fosters the growth of contextual and systemic solutions to transform education in India and lead Systemic Education Transformation.

Vision of EduMentumX

EduMentumX focuses on creating an ecosystem that fosters the growth of contextual and systemic solutions to transform education in India and lead Systemic Education Transformation. Over the course of next 5 years, EdumentumX envisions to build a national narrative on Educational Leadership across 15 districts through 15 organizations by-

Creating proof points of linkage between leadership practices and student outcomes

Contributing to impactful case studies of effective leadership practices

Demonstrating impact across contexts through 10 different geographies

Building solutions that can work at scale

What EduMentumX offers?

Accelerator Grant

We offer a grant of ₹50 lakhs to achieve meaningful scale


We provide context aware program design to strengthen your programs

Technology Infrastructure

We provide access to well developed technology infrastructure

Ecosystem Connects

We connect you to ecosystem of organizations who work in the space of Education leadership

Mentor Support

We provide access to mentors who have worked immensely in space of education, leadership and building programs at scale

Contact for contribution, collaboration or to know more about the program

Cohort 1

EduMentum-X onboarded three organisations as a part of its first cohort. United by their dedication to education, they are set to create waves of change across three regions: North, East, and South.

  1. Vidhya Vidhai Foundation- Education Leadership, Tamil Nadu
  2. Sanjhi Sikhiya- Primary Education and Youth Leadership, Punjab
  3. Involve Learning Solutions Foundation – Learning outcomes and skill building through pedagogical interventions and classroom practices, Bangalore

Cohort 2

EduMentum-X onboarded six organizations as a part of its second cohort in October. These six organizations have converged under the EduMentum-X banner, each bringing a unique focus and passion to the table. United by their dedication to education, they are set to create waves of change across three regions: North, East, and South. 

  1. Slamout Out Loud- Social Emotional Learning through Arts, Punjab 
  2. Alohomora Education Foundation- Career Support and Guidance, Haryana 
  3. Makkala Jagriti- Early Childhood Care and Education, Karnataka 
  4. Eduweave Foundation- Early Childhood Care and Education, Chhattisgarh 
  5. Northeast Center for Equity on Integrated Development (NEAID)- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, Assam 
  6. Karunodaya Foundation- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, Bihar 

Over the next three years, these organizations, hand in hand with Mantra4Change and Shikshalokam, will craft and strengthen district programs. This collaborative effort aims not only to scale educational initiatives but also to create a roadmap for measurable outcomes. It’s a journey fueled by passion, guided by expertise, and grounded in the firm belief of visionary leadership, and systemic education transformation.

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CSOs who have
  • Existing programmes with Education Leaders – School Leaders, Teacher Leaders (CRP/BRP/BRM/BM/DM) Administrative leaders in Education (BEO/DEO etc)
  • Existing partnership or sustained engagement with a government institute at District Level
  • Team size of at least 5 full time employees
  • At least two full time co-founders with one of the co-founder participating in the complete accelerator program
  • Aspiration to work at scale with clear road map for next 3 years

3 years from the year of selection

No, you can apply to our incubation program instead. Read more about the program here

Organizations will have to submit a detailed application, shortlisted organizations will have an interview with the panel and final list of organizations will be announced

  • Organizations will have to attend bootcamps, workshops and other sessions conducted in person or online ( whatever the format it will be organized in)
  • Organizations will commit to design and implement aligned programs for education leaders on ground
  • Remote sessions with mentors and some times in person meeting with mentors when the bootcamps are organized
  • You must be registered as a nonprofit organization and have required certifications (eg: 12 AA for Section 8 companies) to receive the grant
  • Grant disbursal will be over a period of 3 years
  • Grant will be disbursed based on the milestones the organization has agreed on in the program