Is EduMentum looking for a special area in intervention?

EduMentum is an incubation programme for organizations working in the systemic education transformation space. You are eligible to apply if your organization fulfills this criteria.

What is Systemic Education Transformation?

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How many founders can apply for EduMentum?

Two founders of an organization can participate in the incubation programme. However, each organization can only submit one application to join the cohort.

Can multiple members of the organization attend the Base Camps?

The base camp is designed to accommodate only 2 members of the organization (one of the members must be the founder). These two members attending the base camp must be consistent throughout.

Where do the Base Camps take place?

The Base Camps are conducted in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Will the seed funding continue for all the three years?

The seed funding is for Year 1 of the incubation program only. The program offers many opportunities to pitch for the 'build-and-scale-funding'. We aim for all organizations to access this funding from Year 2 onwards.

How long will the mentor support be provided?

The mentor support is available only in Year 1. Year 2 onwards it will be need-based.

What will be the frequency of interaction with the mentors?

The frequency of the call is decided between the mentor and the mentee but there has to be atleast one call a month.

Is Edumentum sector agnostic?

EduMentum is an incubation program for early-stage non-profits working towards systemic education transformation. We accept applications only from those organizations working in the education space, covering the niche area. Applications from organizations working in other sectors will not be eligible to qualify.

Does EduMentum support tech start-ups?

EduMentum supports early stage non profits in the education space. It does not support education technology startups.

Can for profit organizations apply to EduMentum?

EduMentum supports only non-profits organizations in the education space. It does not accept applications from for-profit organizations.