EduMentum is a platform through which organizations in their early stage find meaningful support and collaborations to solve for education in their geographies. With an eclectic group of mentors sharing their insights and expertise on a range of topics, a growing community of changemakers leading their organizations, and a dedicated Team EduMentum facilitating the journey throughout the incubation - each EduMentee gets to learn and share through a linkage of insightful and productive interactions.

Residential Workshops

EduMentum hosts 2 residential basecamps in a year. The participants come together for a week long engagement to learn about program design and different aspects of organization building. They also get an opportunity to network with mentors, funders and other organizations in the ecosystem.‚Äč

Mentoring Support
Each of the organizations at EduMentum receive a mentoring support for the year 1 in their journey. The mentor and the mentees interact with each other through multiple check-in calls. The frequency of the calls is decided by the mentor and mentee when they meet during the first basecamp. Post Year 1, the mentee can get support from the mentor on a need basis.
Communities of Practice

EduMentum believes in the power of community and hence there is a strong focus on creating effective communities of practice. The program creates a platform for the partner organizations to learn from each other. Through this structure, we also bring experts in the community to support the organizations in their areas of need.

Continuous Engagement

EduMentum provides an intensive support to the partner organizations during the incubation journey. The program team has monthly support calls with the partner organizations to understand their challenges and provide the support accordingly. Apart from support calls, many courses are created and shared with the partner organizations to support them further.

Access to Platform (ShikshaLokam)

ShikshaLokam is an education leadership platform. It enables and amplifies leadership development opportunities for individuals and institutions engaged in K-12 education systems. It empowers organizations to effectively amplify their impact and share their learnings/resources with the ecosystem. The details of the solutions created on the ShikshaLokam platform can be found here.