Three-year immersive incubation program for social organization in rural and tribal India
What does this mean for children in rural India?
Over the last few decades, a considerable number of social entrepreneurs have stepped up to transform this reality for rural and tribal communities. But soon they become a part of the Chain of Circumstances.
About EduMentum-R
Our answer to this -
"Empowering an effective second layer of leadership in these organizations"
A second layer of leadership that is inspired by the commitment, enabled with skills and transformed by evidence to #ReimagineRuralIndia
Key Interventions
Our primary focus is to establish and enable the second layer of leadership in these organizations to strengthen -
EduMentum-R intends to support 9 organizations over the span of 5 years (3 organizations/year) to transform the learning experience for nine unique rural & tribal geographies of India.


EduMentum-R stands to strengthen the second line of leadership of the organization working in the space of education in the rural and tribal geographies of India. The program supports the capacity building of the CXO and Co-founders of the selected organizations. The program onboarded organizations as a part of its cohorts from regions like Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh, and Manipur

Cohort 1

Cohort 2

Cohort 3

The real challenge for founders of organizations in rural and tribal areas is to build a strong organization, despite: 

  • lack of funding and quality resources 
  • limited exposure 
  • absence of a robust support system. 

Our studies show that founders are often burdened with day-to-day operations and do not get much time to focus on the strategic growth of the organization. These factors contribute to the following situations in rural & tribal contexts: 

  • The larger objectives/goals do not boil down effectively to the last person on the team. 
  • 2nd-line leadership does not exist within the organization. 
  • Organizations do not have the needed/relevant systems & processes in place. 
  • Organizations are not able to forge strategic partnerships/collaborations with peer orgs. and government. 

Hence the idea of EduMentum-R was born out of our quest to: 

Build an effective second line of leadership within the organization. Support around organizational development. 

Bring more funds to organizations working in Rural & Tribal geographies. 

Our Vission

Rural & Tribal organizations will have access to the ecosystem of support to thrive and create greater impacts.

  • Operational for 3+ years.
  • Minimum annual budget ( includes donations, fellowships, etc ) of 20 Lakh in the last 2 financial years.
  • Working/headquartered in tribal areas or rural geography.
  • Engaged in public education space or community education space.
  • Minimum team size of 5 full-time members.
  • Willingness to share resources, content, and solutions and collaborate with other organizations in the collective and the larger ecosystem as open public assets under creative commons.

 EduMentum R is a three-year immersive social incubator for organizations working on Education from rural and tribal parts of India.

Organizations will have to submit a detailed application, shortlisted organizations will have an interview with the panel and final list of organizations will be announced

  • Organizations will have to attend boot camps, workshops and other sessions conducted in person or online ( whatever the format it will be organized in)
  • Onboard one team member into a leadership position.
  • After 3-years, the organizations should be able to sustain the hired resource.
  • The founder and the team member to participate in all the EduMentum R processes.
  • Organizations to voluntarily participate in the Community of Practices, and the Field Immersion processes.
  • Willingness to raise at least 2x the fund received.