Cohort '19

Organisation name: Thrive Foundation
Geography: Tamil Nadu
Founded in: 2018
Website: Thrive Foundation
Jyothi Ravichandran
Ananya Shekhar
Multiple risk factors predispose a child growing up in impoverished neighbourhoods to develop emotional, social, behavioural and academic problems. These factors pose an imminent threat to the emotional and social well-being of our children and indeed the welfare of the society at large, contributing to high rates of suicide, violence in schools, attacks on women, poor academic achievement, poor employability and continuing economic and social marginalisation. By facilitating development in the areas of behaviour management, emotional stability, cognitive mastery and social adequacy alongside academic objectives, Thrive endeavours to enable teachers, parents and students to truly achieve and enjoy a sense of well-being to transform schools into safe spaces for children and adults to thrive in.