Cohort '20

Organisation name: Samanta Foundation
Geography: Uttarakhand
Founded in: 2018
Website: Samanta Foundation
Prashant Anand
Tanya Kheral
Samanta is working in the lower shivaliks of the Great Himalayan Range of India in the state of Uttarakhand and parts of Uttar Pradesh (sharing borders with Uttarakhand). The region is inhabited by - Scheduled Tribes (Jaunsari), Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Van Gujjars), Scheduled Caste (Taungyas) and Other Communities. They are working on bridging gaps of access, availability and affordability to “EDUCATION” for children specially the girl child from the forest dwelling and peripheral communities in the Shivaliks of the Great Himalayan Range. The seasonal movement of the community is inherent to their existence; there are many aspects which have had considerable influence on their educational status. Education among the children from the community varies as the per location though substantial set of children from the community have no to poor access to education. They are working with the communities, education department, forest department, local self governance institutions to support the first generation learners by working on “Whole School Transformation” of primary schools and middle schools on the periphery of the forest.