Cohort '20

Organisation name: Vidhyalaya Udhyam
Geography: Rajasthan
Ashwani Tiwari
Komal Roy
In the tribal region of South Rajasthan six out of every ten children drop out from schools before completing their elementary education and are forced into labor jobs. Lack of opportunities to improve the skills trap them in the cycle of debt and child labor. To tackle this problem Vidhyalay Udhyam collaborates with learners and schools to co-create their journey of solving their own problem by co-creating the ideas and products while identifying the right problem to solve. They do this through design thinking with learners and educators to enable the ecosystem of entrepreneurial mindset.

Vision: At Vidhyalay Udhyam, we see schooling as an opportunity in human life, that helps in unfolding creative confidence of learners and enables them to tackle real-life problems in an entrepreneurial way.