EduMentum is an initiative by Advaith Foundation in partnership with Mantra4Change. It is a three-year incubation programme that supports early-stage non-profit organizations working towards achieving systemic education transformation.


Our Vision
Empower social change leaders to transform education in India.


The Need
India has 1.5 million schools and more than 200 million school going children. Of this, a mere 23% of class 3 students can read grade level text (source: ASER 2016). While we have done exceedingly well in being able to take our children to school, we are yet to guarantee a quality education to all children. To drive this, we need to enable leaders at multiple levels to bring and sustain change efforts.

Factors of geography, parental and family background, culture among others are crucial variables that pose unique challenges to our education system. There is no one solution – a silver bullet – to solve the spectrum of educational problems India faces today. We need unique, localized solutions.

This requires local change leaders who have a deep understanding of their context as well as knowledge of educational transformation. India has seen several innovative approaches by young change leaders in the past. But, they need support to strengthen their idea so that it can scale and sustain.



The Idea
At EduMentum, we aim to provide the right ecosystem for the growth and development of budding organizations during their initial 3 years. Our goal is to empower 100 change leaders in next 5 years, who can build contextualized, robust solutions across India.

EduMentum believes that educational transformation is possible only through localized solutions embedded in an empirical body of knowledge. Our roadmap to change involves choosing local change leaders and supporting them in shaping their innovative ideas.

When these change leaders would start collaborating and interacting with organizations across the country, the ideas will get cross-pollinated and multiple approaches to finding solutions will evolve. Analysis and documentation of these approaches would result in a rich, indigenous body of knowledge. These would serve as tools for effective advocacy for systemic adoption.

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Snapshots of our first bootcamp