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India Foundation for Education Transformation

Geography:Diyun, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh
Founded in: 2020
Prahlad Chakma
Sanjoy Chakma
India Foundation for Educational Transformation (IFET) is a professional education-focussed non-profit organisation formed to bridge educational inequities in the remote and hilly areas of India. Our vision is to create peaceful, critically conscious socio-economically powered communities and we are doing it by addressing and mitigating the core problem of deprivation and lack of world class education in the remote and far-flung hilly areas of India where educational transformation and penetration is quintessential. Our immediate mission is to help schools to be joyful and academically excellent for students to succeed in college and beyond. We are doing this through our programme- The Whole School Transformation Programme, which is a holistic, multi-staged approach to enable under-resourced schools and government primary Schools to deliver quality education. Through our After School Program, we are trying to solve the high percentage of failures at 10th and 12th level of government school students in Diyun Circle, Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. To support these two programmes, we are hiring fellows from our local communities under our Arunachal Pradesh Youth Fellowship programme.