Samait Shala (2016)

Samait Shala works on systemic Intervention programme in affordable private and government schools. It aims to collaborate and support schools to address learning gaps of Students.

Bhumi (2006)

One of the largest volunteer based organization in India, Bhumi’s current programmes Catalyze and Ignite are civic action and strengthening education at Shelter homes, Community centers and schools.

Thrive Foundation (2018)

This Chennai-based organization looks at whole school transformation to improve psychological well being of students.

SwaTaleem (2018)

Based in Mewat, Haryana, SwaTaleem works with Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBVs) to create thriving communities of teachers, girls and other stakeholders

Talent Hunt Committee

Talent Hunt Committee work with students through its Educational Incentives programmes in schools across Meghalaya. It recognizes new learning methodologies introduced by teachers and students.

Ayang (2017)

Ayang works with government and affordable private schools towards improving the quality of education in the fast shrinking Majuli Island of Assam.

Pratyaya EduResearch Lab (2014)

Working with communities in  Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh, the organization’s mission is to nurture a self-sustainable educational ecosystem at the village or town level.

Upkram (2018)

Upkram works towards holistic development of children from marginalized communities in Uttar Pradesh by providing them access to quality education.

Barefoot Edu Foundation (2018)

Barefoot Edu Foundation aims at transforming affordable private schools into stimulating learning environments, contextualized for under resourced communities.

Maati (2018)

Maati is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2018 operating in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. It aims at building a community that sows the seeds of transformation to bring about systemic change in education. Through their intervention – THE SEED project, they aim to create an alignment among the stakeholders to strengthen the school system, leaders, and teachers.

SRI Foundation (2017)

Based on Rewari district, Haryana, SRI Foundation envisions quality education for children by focusing on supportive home and community structures

Loop Education Foundation

LOOP Education Foundation was started in 2016 with a focus on empowering direct stakeholders (Teachers and School Leaders) in low-cost schools in Hyderabad. Through their solution, they want to empower the schools and its stakeholders to take ownership of their development. They work on school transformation through a cluster-based approach and empower schools to provide an excellent education through the power of collective action. They believe that this will lead to a lasting impact on the lives of children.

Vidhya Vidhai

Vidhya Vidhai is a not for profit organization founded in June 2017 with a vision “To create an egalitarian society through education”, where the place of birth of a child would not dictate the opportunities s/he gets in life. “Vidhya Vidhai” is a Tamil phrase that means ‘Seed for Education’. This organization aims to bridge the gap between the resourced and under-resourced schools.

Simple Education Foundation

Simple Education Foundation (SEF) is a not for profit organization that’s based out of Delhi. It was started by a group of Teach for India alumni, with this belief that every child deserves to get an excellent education. They work to design & implement holistic learning models that aim to transform and strengthen the public schools from within.


Samarthya’s mission is to foster parent leadership in communities which will help children access their rights and improve their learning. They do this by equipping SMC (School Management Committees) parent members with the knowledge and skills required to perform their duties as mandated by Section 21 of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE). They are currently working with 238 parent members of 14 SMCs in 4 communities across East and West Delhi.


i-Saksham builds local youth as community tutors cum entrepreneurs called ‘Saksham-Mitras’. It trains and provides them with capabilities and resources to empower their community through education and awareness while earning a livelihood for themselves. i-Saksham identifies motivated youth, trains them in details of pedagogy, digital tools, and English and guides them to deliver quality learning.