Is EduMentum looking for a special area in intervention?

Yes, EduMentum aims to incubate organizations willing to working in the field of systemic education transformation.

What is Systemic Education Transformation?

You can read here to know about it in detail

How many founders can apply for EduMentum?

Only one application is required from an organization. Two co-founders can become part of the cohort.

Can multiple members of the organization attend the Boot Camps?

No, only 2 members can attend the Boot Camp. One of them has to be the co-founder. The two members who are attending the bootcamp have to be consistent throughout.

Can an organization get disqualified after getting selected for the program?

Yes, EduMentum has certain compliances which we want our cohort members to follow. In case of non-compliance, the organization will be disqualified. These criteria are:

  • Adherence to timelines
  • Presence in all the Boot Camps and Community of Practice (COP) calls
  • Openness to sharing of resources

Where do the Boot Camps take place?

The Boot Camps happen in Bangalore

What are the requirements of the seed funding?

The seed funding will be given to 2 co-founders from each organization.

Will the seed funding continue for all the three years?

No, the seed funding is for year 1 only. There will be multiple opportunities to pitch for build and scale funding. We hope that the organizations will be able to get a build and scale funding by the end of year 1 and hence will not need a seed funding from year 2.

What will happen if an organization is unable to get a build and scale fund by the end of Year 1?

In that case, the organization will have to pitch again at the end of the year 1 to a panel of funders to continue the seed funding for year 2. If the panel is willing to continue the funding, seed funding will be granted in Year 2.

How long will the mentor support be provided?

The mentor support is available only in Year 1. Year 2 onwards it will be need-based

What will be the frequency of interaction with the mentors?

The mentors will have a weekly check-in call with the mentees. The mentors will be providing support to the mentees based on their needs be it connecting them to relevant networks or reviewing their plans.

What is a Community of Practice? What happens in these calls?

“Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly”.-Wenger-Trayner

In the community of practice (COP) calls, the cohort members come together to discuss topics related to organization building, bodies of knowledge and individual development. The calls are led by cohort members. Based on the need of the cohort, we get experts on the calls who talk about specific topics. These calls also become a platform for the cohort members to share their struggles and brainstorm together to find solutions.

How often do the COP calls take place?

The COP calls happen once every month. The cohort members can increase the frequency based on mutual consensus.